Roll’eat Philosophy in your business

Many organisations and businesses have joined the fight for the care of the planet and its inhabitants.

By setting examples, we raise awareness for the environment’s protection. Contact us now to work towards the ‘Zero Waste’ trend.


Organisations that trust Roll’eat

Many companies have joined the fight and have given visibility to their brands in the process. With a show of commitment to the sustainability of the planet, businesses are enabled to:

Be agents of change

Encouraging the use of Roll’eat products educates families to eat healthier foods prepared at home.

Take social responsibility

Companies help people to be healthy while contributing to the improvement of our Mother Earth.

Be recognised for their image

Associated with environmentally values ​​ of sustainability and support to minimise harmful waste.


At Roll’eat we design creative food packaging that can be used again and again. But what really makes us different is not the products we offer, but the reasons why our products exist – to protect both the planet and our health!


At Roll’eat we design creative food packaging that can be used again and again. But what really makes us different is not the products we offer, but the reasons why our products exist – to protect both the planet and our health!


Products that promote responsible consumption

Roll’eat provide an opportunity for companies and organisations to strengthen their corporate image by promoting environmental awareness.

In addition, we customise merchandising items for promotional campaigns together with gifts for a variety of events.



Customers will associate your business as a socially responsible brand just by having your logo on a Roll’eat product.

“We were looking for a practical and sustainable product to reduce the amount of non-reusable plastics generated on a daily basis. In fact, with Roll’eat we successfully meet our goals year by year. The highlight point is the quality and durability of the product. We are very happy.”
Joan Lacueva, Grífols - Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona
“Our objective was to present all the company’s employees with a gift in recognition of obtaining the ISO14001 environmental certification, and this was an original detail that also helps reduce the cost of tin foil.
Indeed, we have fulfilled it, which is why we have repeated our orders with Roll’eat. They always meet the expected quality.”
Víctor Navarro, Virospack - Badalona, Barcelona

“We needed a useful, functional, different and innovative product as a gift for an internal advertising campaign. We are happy to have reached this goal.

The Roll’eat product has complied with everything, plus great quality and design. The products received a lot of attention. Moreover, we have valued internally the global need for improvement towards sustainability on a daily basis.”

Noemi Florecu, Manusa Gest - Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona

“Roll’eat products are mostly used for people who are looking for eco-friendly way to pack lunch, so they also get more aware of reusable products.

The selling point we tell our customers is that the product is reusable as well as eco-friendly. Something that they have not seen before and catches their attention, which makes it a perfect way for a company to get some advertising in.

Therefore, our relationship with Roll’eat has led us to meet our goals project by project. Also, working with them has been very easy. ”

Martijn, P&P Projects, Groningen, Holanda

“I love the product, more than I expected, and so do the people I have given them to. I see that they use them a lot! They are long lasting and are really useful for carrying nuts and fruits on excursions, for example, when skiing. That was my goal with clients in Norway.

The highlight is the way in which people enjoy using them. They bring them back out when they visit again! Besides, the purchase process is easy, straightforward and a pleasurable experience.”

Michael Winterton, Traverse Aravis, Merstham - Surrey, Reino Unido
“Roll’eat products are nice, original, practical and sustainable eco-packaging, which is very important for the client, who can also include their logo in a fun way. The Roll’eat team has done a really good job offering this, always with a really nice and flexible collaboration.”
Elke Heijens, Compacon - Belgium

“We are looking for innovative and highly customizable on-the-go food packaging solutions. Beside there shall be flexibility in design and production time. This is exactly what products like the Boc’n’Roll and Snack’n’Go offer! We like how Roll’eat handles every inquiry very professionally and fast throughout the whole purchase process, to provide us with a high quality product.”

Jan-Philip Riehle, Reuse Heroes, Hannover, Alemania
“Mostly clients contact us because they have seen Roll’eat products on our website (with up to 90% sales potential!). These are very well known in the retail Belgium, which of course runs in our favor. Our overall experience with our relationship with Roll’eat is good. And our clients are always satisfied with the products.”
Nickie Van de Wyngaerde, Mondial Gifts, Lebbeke, Bélgica
“The long lasting material and good quality, as well as the possibility of being reused, is very important for us when requesting a product. Roll’eat product has met our expectations 100% with a very good service and customer experience. Our orders will definitely follow! ”
Dimitri Duchesne, Van Bavel Gifts & Premiums - Mortsel, Bélgica

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