Personalised corporate gifts


Companies can have a great influence on their workers, customers and suppliers. What’s more, people also expect brands to accept social responsibility and protect the environment.

Sustainability and environmental protection is part of a company’s duty to perform corporate responsibility.

As a matter of fact, consumers expect organisations to be respectful to the environment. Companies that do not show sustainable values risk being snubbed.

Companies that are most valued by customers are brands that demonstrate sustainability. Therefore, it’s important to make an effort to protect the planet and promote sustainable actions to the wider community.

For example, why not promote responsible consumption practices? Reusable food bags effectively reduces waste and make excellent corporate gifts for clients.

You can use our products as personalised corporate gifts by taking advantage of corporate merchandising. All you need to do is let us know your message, and we’ll put your company logo on our eco-friendly packaging.

Roll’Eat products negate the need to use disposable materials typically used as food packaging.


Discover our range of sustainable products and add your corporate branding!

Discover our range of sustainable products and add your corporate branding!


Eco-friendly and corporate merchandising ideas

By offering sustainable and corporate merchandise, you underscore your commitment to business responsibility. What better way to demonstrate you are actively doing what you can to protect the environment?

Companies that take the initiative in environmental issues can create a strong impression. This helps leverage your brand image both inside and outside your organisation.

Getting involved with our personalised corporate gifts offers several benefits:

  • Word of Mouth: Today’s consumers support companies that care about the environment. With our products, you prove you are committed to a sustainable future and raise brand awareness.
  • Associated with positive values: Businesses that support environmental causes help to make a real difference to the local community. Customers are more loyal to brands that matter.
  • New opportunities: Supporting sustainability could also open the door for you to establish relationships with other businesses that share the same “Zero Waste” philosophy.

Our original idea is a win-win strategy that people remember for a long time.


Corporate gifts for clients and employees

There are many occasions throughout the year where business merchandise can be used to raise awareness. Our corporate merchandise can be used at events, fairs, gifts to customers and meetings with suppliers.


Why not invest in personalised corporate gifts for clients and employees as a token of your appreciation? Corporate merchandise that includes contaminating practices does not reflect well on your business.

Think carefully about the merchandise you order to represent your business. Before ordering any item, consider whether the objective is in line with the image you want to convey to the public.

Take advantage of our merchandise with an ecological message and promote a positive public image for your business!


Ready to launch an eco-friendly promotional campaign?

If your company or business wants to boost sustainability, take the step and leave us your suggestions in the form bellow.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a real difference.

Don’t forget asking us for any customisation of your own Roll’eat products!


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