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An eco-responsible society where organizations commit to caring for the environment.

Working towards a trend for the good of future generations.

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Institutions that trust Roll’eat

Many organisations and public institutions are already participating in the ‘Zero Waste’ trend, showing a powerful commitment to the sustainability of our Mother Nature. Roll’eat strongly enables them to:

Be agents of change

The use of Roll’eat products encourage families to adopt healthy eating habits by packing homemade food and reducing the amount of disposable waste.

Take ecological responsibility

The social benefit is twofold; institutions help to improve public welfare and everybody acts responsibly for the sustainability of the planet thanks to the ‘Zero Waste’ trend.

Be recognised for their actions

Organisations are recognised for their contribution to improving the community and sustainability of the environment.


Our key objective is to raise awareness of the unnecessary pollution we cause with traditional food wrapping. With the help of schools, local businesses and other institutions, we are able to make a significant impact on the future health of the planet.


Our key objective is to raise awareness of the unnecessary pollution we cause with traditional food wrapping. With the help of schools, local businesses and other institutions, we are able to make a significant impact on the future health of the planet.


Innovative products for a waste-free society

At Roll’eat we promote and educate the public to be responsible for the consumption of food and work with organisations and institutions to protect the environment.

Our products have won awards in recognition of our values and commitment to the sustainability.



An institution that promotes the use of Roll’eat products, is a socially responsible organisation that makes the difference.

“When we got in contact with Roll’eat, we were looking to reduce the amount of aluminum foil and plastic generated in schools, as well as to promote sustainable consumption of food. And we did!

We’d also like to highlight the great quality of the product and how easy it is to clean. In general, we are very happy with the service provided.”

Maialen Ausin, Hondarribia Council, Guipúzcoa

“We found the Boc’n’Roll an interesting option because it’s not only practical, reusable and attractive, but also fits well with our “Eat healthy and be active ”program, which promotes a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

The main goal of this program is to create a favorable environment for health, prevent non-communicable diseases, tackle obesity in children and young people, and promote healthy body image. In addition, it contributes to the autonomy and quality of older people’s lives, as well as promoting collaboration with partners.

To make it possible, we were looking for a packaging for our card game offering activities for children “on the move”, and with Roll’eat we have found it! We’ve created 80 cards offering activities related to the 4 seasons.

In addition, thanks to a high quality, beautiful, original and surprising packaging, we are pleased with the final product. Kids are happy and we are satisfied!”

Anne Obelin Perritaz, Expovision, Fribourg, Suiza

“We had a budget for awareness campaigns, and were interested in promoting them in schools. We had previously worked with dissemination material, workshops, etc… but this time we wanted to offer something more specific to students.

With the purpose of minimising the waste generated in schools, we finally prepared the campaign “Rethink of where your packaging goes. Rethink of your breakfast”. Subsequently, both the Boc’n’Roll and breakfast bags were distributed to primary and secondary students.

Most of the students continue to use the bags and snack holders, reducing waste of aluminum foil in schools. Since we have material in stock, we continue to distribute it each year to new students and municipal workers (who also use them in various environmental activities).

So, yes, we have met the goal! A very useful product! Besides being practical, it can be washed and stays in good condition for a long time.”

Laura Vallvé, Management Assistant - Sant Quirze del Vallès Council

“We were in need of merchandising as a thank you gift for the Youth Office. That way young people would be encouraged to participate in our activities, raffles or contests.

Because people of all ages like it, we strongly believe that Boc’n’Roll is a very useful product. Besides, it helps us to work on issues we often deal with both in the office and in educational centers. A solution for preventing waste and encouraging healthy eating!”

Neus Baraldés, Regional Youth Manager - Regional Council of Cerdanya

“We were looking for material for a waste reduction campaign. A goal we have achieved thanks to Roll’eat by reducing single wraps production. We are very happy with the products, because not only are they functional and aesthetic, but also have great quality.”

Mónica Fantini, Environmental Project Manager - Calviá Council

“We were looking to raise awareness about the importance of preventing waste and reducing the environmental impact of plastic. For that reason, we decided to use the Boc’n’Roll as an exchange for old phones we don’t use anymore.

In this regard, we ensure that these devices are properly recycled and we also distribute a product that helps to reduce waste. We have achieved our goal, no doubt!

We believe that a significant part of the population already has this product, which also encourages other people to use it time and again.”

Marc Arenas, Environment Assistant - Calaf Council

We have helped reduce waste to:


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