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The widespread distribution of Roll’eat products is turning the ‘Zero Waste’ trend into a reality.

Together we can contribute to the sustainability of the environment.

Contact us to join a philosophy that ensures a harmful waste-free world.


Businesses that trust Roll’eat

Our sustainable bags promote waste-free habits that protect the planet for future generations. What’s more, Roll’eat products enable shops and local businesses to:

Be agents of change

Roll’eat products encourage families to follow healthier eating habits by preparing homemade food rather than consuming fast food.

Socially responsible

Distribute reusable products with an enduring philosophy that promotes responsibility for the environment and the protection of the planet.

Recognized for sustainable design

Businesses and stores that distribute Roll’eat products are champions of innovative designs committed to promoting lifestyle choices.


We have made natural and ecological sustainability our priority since 2006. Our products are designed to protect the environment but also encourage people to eat healthier. Their benefits respond to needs some people haven’t realised yet!


We have made natural and ecological sustainability our priority since 2006. Our products are designed to protect the environment but also encourage people to eat healthier. Their benefits respond to needs some people haven’t realised yet!


Products for responsible food consumption

At Roll’eat we provide you with relevant information that enables the product to speak for itself – a product that merges practical design with sustainability.

Our educational literature helps to promote responsible food packaging and healthy eating. Don’t allow this critical information to be missing from your store.



Roll’eat products are not just about a pretty design, but about making a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle possible.

“Our objective was to offer alternatives to single-use wrappings (cling film, aluminum foil, zip bags…). Thanks to Roll’eat we have met this goal by using a high-quality and durable product with a very beautiful design. No doubt!”
Rut Abraín, Nigrán, Pontevedra

“We were looking to reduce the environmental impact by reducing cling film use and other sandwich plastic wraps. Therefore, what mainly motivated us to sell the Roll’eat product in our stores was to reduce the consumption of plastics. In general, to reduce the amount of waste generated. Congratulations! We have fulfilled our objective with very beautiful and durable products.”

La llave, Cultura Comestible, Lydia Ariza, Córdoba
“We were looking for good alternatives for plastic foil and then the Boc’n’Roll came up. We value the fact that Roll’eat provides an alternative with a high quality product, easy to clean and really durable (you can use it for years). On the other hand, what our customers value the most is that this sandwich wrap is easy reusable.”
Sophie Deren, Ohne - Gante, Bélgica

“We wanted to offer our customers a full range of products for “lunch-to-go”. Fortunately, that’s what the really innovative Roll’eat products offer, with great sales conditions, prices and margins (a big issue because on the Internet there are always cheaper prices). However, there is nothing similar in the market, and the Belgium people love the product.”

Sébastien Pierron, Hopono - Brusseles, Belgium

“Although I wasn’t used to looking for an objective, I decided to stock the Roll’eat product because I feel it is ecological and clever. As it turned out, the bags sell themselves.

Due to the fact that it’s ecological, practical and has a story to tell to my customers, it also says a lot about my business. After all, taking into consideration that it is a product that needs good margins, it offers great value for money.”

Rinaldo Rampi, Lecado - Roma, Italia

“We were looking for ways to offer our customers take-away products at a competitive price, good quality and current design, as this category has been gaining popularity in recent years.

When we saw Roll’eat products, we thought they could work very well thanks to their attractive price and design that make them different from the crowd. Not only that, but they are also delighted by our clients, and completely fit with our style at Casa Viva.

What we highlight the most is that they really helped with online sales! We always value brands with content and extra material to increase sales, and Roll’eat has covered all our expectations with very useful online content (videos, images, texts …), and also customising the designs with a quick delivery (no stock breaks).“

Carlota Bailo, Casa Viva

“We are always looking for new things, that’s why we value all products that are innovative enough to make a difference between other products with the same purpose.

We liked Roll’eat immediately when we saw them in a fair in 2016, as they met our innovation priorities. What’s more, they gave us a warm contact with enthusiasm and laughter.

Despite the fact we loved the products for their values of ecological awareness , as well as they become a placemat and it’s small to put away, we have to take prices and margins into account when buying. Roll’eat has also met this goal. Keep going!”

Lien Callebert, Callebert Design, Brujas

Would you like your store to go Zero Waste?

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