Eco-friendly products


Billions of people around the world contribute to the pollution problem without being able to do anything about it. Why? By wrapping packed lunches and storing food in disposal material such as tin foil and cling film.

Most food packaging we use today is thrown away after a single-use. This causes a significant amount of waste that is harmful to the environment. At Roll’eat we offer an alternative solution – reusable food products that eliminate waste.

Our principal objective is to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste billions of households create with disposable wrappings. With our eco-friendly products, there is no need to use tin foil, cling film or food bags.

With the help of businesses we can achieve our objective – and the global goal – to reduce carbon emissions and reduce waste caused by-products that are harmful to the environment.

The solution is simple; we provide you with transportable and reusable snack bags, food bags and wrappers to offer to your customers. By presenting them with these products, you encourage families to take responsibility for their local environment and the future of the planet.


We are advocates of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, that’s why we manufacture environmentally-friendly products that are designed to reduce waste and protect our planet.

We are advocates of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, that’s why we manufacture environmentally-friendly products that are designed to reduce waste and protect our planet.


Eco-friendly products for all occasions and weather

If you care about the future of the planet, you will be interested in the eco-friendly products we manufacture. Moreover, you will probably want to offer them to your clients and encourage them to take care of the environment as well.

The good news is that our products can be used anywhere – regardless of climate or the type of traditional foods people eat

Our products are designed to minimise the waste generated by taking packed lunches from home with us to work, school or play on a daily basis. With small gestures, we can make a big difference.

When your customers purchase eco-friendly products to pack their lunch in, they benefit in a variety of ways including:

  • Easily washable thanks to a stain-resistant inner layer.
  • Packing any type of food thanks to its airtight property.
  • Helps avoid children from staining their clothes or bags.
  • Highly transportable.
  • Water-proof, weather-proof, wash-proof.

With Roll’eat products, it is not necessary to use traditional food wrappings that create waste. Our products are totally reusable and can be taken wherever you go.


Environmentally-friendly products that encourages healthy eating

The rise in obesity and heart disease underscores the need to educate families and children about the need to adopt healthy eating habits. One of the problems we tend to snack on junk food is because of the busy lifestyles we lead.


Roll’eat promotes eating healthy food prepared at home. Essentially, our products help people take care of themselves by being more health-conscious.

Our snack holders and food bags make life easier for people of all ages that regularly take food to work, school and excursions. Not only that but by teaching younger generations eco-friendly values, they will grow into respectful adults that take responsibility for the future of the planet and themselves.

If you want to encourage families to care about their future, offer them our eco-friendly products and promote healthy living – for individuals themselves and for Mother Earth.

When local and global businesses commit to protecting the environment, it makes a statement that informs your customers we have to work together.


Would you like your store to go Zero Waste?

We want to help you commit to a ‘Zero Waste’ philosophy by stocking Roll’eat products in your store or distribution centre. Let us know your questions or needs on the contact form below:


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