Roll’eat philosophy in schools

Educating school children to live in a waste-free world will contribute to a healthy future for the planet.

Together we can encourage changes that make a real difference. Contact us today to take part in the ‘Zero Waste’ trend.


Schools that trust Roll’eat

Numerous schools around the world have already committed to educating children about the impact they have on the environment. Roll’eat products empower children to make a difference. All our products enable schools to:

Be agents of change

Schools committed to the environment promote change from the classroom.

Take responsibility for the planet

Encourage students to embrace reusable products and substantially reduce harmful waste.

Promote healthy lifestyles

Prepare homemade cooking for packed lunches and establish healthy eating habits.


It’s simple. The more you use Roll’eat products, the less waste you generate. Our products are designed to educate, but are also as a fun way for children to carry packed lunches made at home.


It’s simple. The more you use Roll’eat products, the less waste you generate. Our products are designed to educate, but are also as a fun way for children to carry packed lunches made at home.


Sustainable products for a responsible education

Roll’eat products help schools and colleges to contribute to a better world. By promoting environmental awareness through the use of reusable products, we can educate children on how to protect the planet.

Not only that, but our products are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We want to encourage children to eat healthy and nutritious food. Feeding that enables them to stay in shape and feel great!



Help us implement a Zero-Waste Philosophy in schools by transforming the way families prepare packed lunches. Our reusable products are 100% designed to reduce waste.

“Our goal was to provide an answer or possible solution in response to the analysis carried out on the amount of waste produced by lunch wrappers. The analysis was performed by the students of the Sustainability Commission. We received very good feedback from Roll’eat. They listened to the proposals of the students and provided us with different alternatives.

Finally, we were able to extend the project to the entire community and began using the Boc’n’Roll for lunch, excursions, snacks… The project significantly reduced the amount of plastic we use in the kitchens, and thus cross-educating students and families. Sustainability is a XXI century value that we want to instill in our students, and projects like this one help to improve our work.

Besides, I would highlight the quality of the materials and the fact of being able to capture an identity in the design (in this case the logo of the Green’s Agency, a volunteer group of the Sustainability Commission), which is an important motivation for the children to keep having great ideas.”

Màrian Llinàs, Escola Frederic Mistral de Barcelona

“We were looking for an innovative, useful, and reusable product to raise funding for our school trips. We are encouraged by Boc’n’Roll and its personalized and exclusive designs. It’s really been the selling point to engage a great amount of students and colleges. Both found it very useful.

The benefits are clear for us; less waste and ease of use: easy to wash and fold. For students, it is much more practical than a Tupperware, as the Boc’n’Roll fits in your pocket after being used.

On the Roll’eat side, the purchase process was perfect; on time and delivered promptly. Great communication. We are already thinking about our order for next year!”

Sophie Houtain, Collège Notre-Dame de Bon Secours - Binche, Bélgica

“At our school, ecology and environmental care have been working together and, in recent years, we have made an effort to reduce and manage the amount of waste generated around the school. Boc’n’Roll complements what we are trying to achieve perfectly!

The results prove it was the right thing to do. We have considerably reduced the volume of waste.

In addition, the Boc’n’Roll is an important tool for raising student awareness. In other words, it has served as a tool both for raising awareness of the waste generation issue and for students to actively participate in our project. ”

Xabier Uterga, Colegio La Compasión-Escolapios de Pamplona

“Our goal was to offer the parents of the lyceum a solution to prepare a zero waste snack for their children. The result has been fully satisfactory; the sandwich holders sell very well and the students are happy with the product. We want to offer an ecological snack solution and with Roll’eat products we can also include logos of the AMPA and the lyceum.”

Valérie Ménard, Liceo Francés de Valencia
“We are an eco-school and wanted to promote the use of reusable food wrappers and help our students sell products to raise money for the end-of-year trip. Both objectives were met thanks to the Boc’n’Roll. It’s practical, economical, reusable, good quality and personalised.”
Marta Alsina, Institut de Tona, Barcelona

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