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Schools celebrate a number of special occasions throughout the year; Christmas, Halloween, Harvest Festival, Easter, Sports Day and of course, the end of the school year. It’s nice to offer the children gifts during these events.

It has become customary for children to expect gifts for traditional holidays, and, of course, the kids respond to these gifts with joy and enthusiasm.

The problem is that traditional occasions create a lot of waste for the environment. What’s more, planning and searching for suitable kids gifts that are fun and educational is time-consuming.

Roll’eat removes the burden of finding suitable gifts or prizes. In addition, the kids gifts we offer teach younger generations the importance of certain values.

Be involved now and make the difference from classrooms!


Children not only go to school to learn maths, science and language, they also need to be educated on how to be responsible and respectful adults.

Children not only go to school to learn maths, science and language, they also need to be educated on how to be responsible and respectful adults.


Kids gifts: Environmentally friendly

Schools can have a big impact in raising awareness about reusable food wrapping, as people remember schools where they learned valuable life lessons.

When children learn to care for themselves and the planet from an early age, they become better adults.

In this regard, Roll’eat offers products that children can use in a daily basis, such as snack holders and wrappers. They can take them to school, parks, picnics… as well as to share treats with their friends during break times.

Not only that, but parents can also use our packaging to take food to work. In other words, our innovative packaging helps to spread love rather than rubbish.

Besides, our kids gifts are characterised by:

  • Being reusable and sustainable. When using Roll’eat products, we minimise waste because they replace plastic bags, aluminium foil and cling film.
  • Serving everyone (big and small). Our products are for people of all ages; preschool, primary and secondary school children, University students and adults – anyone with an objective for sustainability.
  • Being extremely easy to clean. The products can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and used every single day. You can even put them in the washing machine without a problem.

Take a look at our range of eco-responsible gifts for children!


With Roll’eat products, kids discover there is an alternative and healthier choice for everyone, because they are taking care of the planet sustainability.


Original kids gifts that make a difference

Usual kids gifts for school are pencils, pens, books and sweets and so on. Whilst these gifts are not bad, they are just much the same. Pupils do not get any excitement when getting them.

Because our products are cool and practical, children will be feeling like bringing the most fashionable accessory to school. Roll’eat bags could be the surprise they will not be expecting!

Kids these days know they have to protect the future of the planet. Roll ‘eat bags give them a reason to show everybody they support the environment – being environmentally friendly makes people look good and feel good.

Try offering Roll’eat products at the next school event, and notice how people react. You will find the talk turns to care for the environment. Our products even help you develop sustainability as an image of the school.

Offering Roll’eat products as gifts for children also promotes family values. Parents are encouraged to prepare food at home. This way, children will eat less junk food from the shop.

What’s more, children learn to take responsibility for their health. Kids recognise the value of eating food that has been lovingly prepared by their parents instead of greasy chips and fatty pastries.


At Roll’eat we help schools to develop values in children so they become responsible adults. In the future, more people will lead healthy lifestyles and care for the environment.

Not only do we offer original gifts that are educational for students, but are also useful for parents and teachers.

Why not introduce new values into your school? Help to lay the foundations of a bright and healthy future with our kids gifts!


Why not introduce our eco friendly approach to schools?

If your school is truly committed to sustainability, or you want to take the step towards a more environmentally responsible education, you can share with us any suggestions regarding new educational programs or needs for personalized products.


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