Reusable snack bag

Everybody has to eat at some point in the day, but eating nourishing food is far more enjoyable than anything else from a vending machine. Besides, junk food does not have long-term gains.

It’s important to eat healthily, even when you are away from home, but in a way that does not have a negative effect on the health of the planet.


It’s time to give snack times the importance they deserve!

Our snack bag holders are reusable and practical. They make it much easier to take pieces of fruit, a sandwich, or anything else with you from home.

So… when you need to recharge your energy throughout the day or fill a gap, you will always have a snack option with you. And what is most remarkable… you won’t be generating inorganic waste!

Our reusable bags make it easier to stick to the 5-a-day routine. It’s advised by nutritionists, and it’s not be tempted by unhealthy food that fail to promote healthy eating (or consider the environment around us).

Fast food snack wrappers create unnecessary waste. Stay healthy and protect the planet by choosing one of our sustainable snack holders.

Fast food snack wrappers create unnecessary waste. Stay healthy and protect the planet by choosing one of our sustainable snack holders.

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Zero-waste snack bag

Our eco-friendly snack bags respect the environment. They also give you and your family the opportunity to snack whenever you feel hungry.

One of our current priorities must be to reduce the amount of waste we generate. That’s why we want to contribute to a change in mentality!

Because we know you care about the environment as much as we do, we have designed an ecological and sustainable snack holder. If you use it, you will no longer have to resort to materials that harm nature or endanger your own health.

It’s simple – avoid using plastic bags (and tin foil forever) by using our reusable snack bags.

Slide They store any type of snack. Slide They take up little space
so you can take them
wherever you want.
Slide You can easily clean them with
a damp cloth and use them as
often as you need.
Slide You can put them in the
washing machine.
Slide Its upper closure ensures
your snacks stay fresh.
Slide They promote healthy habits
by eating homemade food.

If everyone contributes a grain of sand that protects the planet, together we will form a mountain. That way, the positive impact on environmental problems will multiply exponentially.

We have achieved the following awards by being focus on our mission, as well as giving practical and sustainable solutions:

Solutions 2014 Award

We have been recognised by offering not only smart solutions for everyday problems, but also creative product designs.

Red Dot Award

One of the most popular awards that recognised the innovation and quality of domestic and professional products.

Practical and reusable snack bags

Roll’eat is committed to a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle – and we expect you are too! So… why not use our Snack’n’Go bags and support the mission to take care of the planet?

The main objective for our products, is to reduce the amount of waste created from disposable wrappings, such as aluminium foil and cling film.

Our solution is to provide you with reusable snack bags, so you can pack homemade food every day and, of course, eat healthily wherever you go.

Reusable food bags are ideal for everyone; children and adults -so they encourage healthy eating habits for all the family!

Check out our range of snack bags and choose your favourite Snack’n’Go wrapper!

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