Reusable, 100% biodegradable
food wrappers

The Boc’n’Roll and the Snack’n’Go have never been so sustainable before! NOW, they are not only reusable but they are made of 100% biodegradable materials… and manufactured in Spain!

This collection is a huge step, far and beyond, innovation, sustainability and recycling, which reduce, even more, the impact that our products have on Earth.


For more than a decade, Boc’n’Roll and Snack’n’Go have actively contributed to the reduction of disposable wrappers in a way that thousand tons of single use wrappers were saved in 10 years.

Their benefit goes beyond waste reduction. They are a sensitivity tool, the driving force to educate kids and adults to live in a world free of residues, in a healthy world.

Our products have changed many people consumption habits. But, that was not enough, we wanted more. We were determined in the pursuit of more sustainable products. By using our product, Zero Waste is already reached…There was no any further move that we could do towards that direction, but still, we knew that there was room for improvement.

But what if we needed a change of perspective? So that is what we did! We focused on materials: 100% biodegradable products, reusable and durable.

Striving to do our best triggers revolutionary results.

Striving to do our best triggers revolutionary results.

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Tiny products, heroic results

Our products have a positive impact on Earth. How to measure such impact? See it for yourself. The daily usage of Boc’n’Roll is translated into a carbon footprint 500 times lower than the one generated by aluminium foil (according to the Catalan Agency for Residues).

In our products life cycle, the most positive impact on Earth is neither generated at the beginning (materials extraction) nor at the end (recycling) of the cycle, but it is generated when using them. Why? Because tones of disposable wrappers are being substituted by reusable wrappers.

Many people asked us: why going further? If you are already contributing to a healthy planet! The answer was easy: Because we want to become better, because our products are pedagogical and we need to lead by example, because we want to manufacture products that add value to the society.

Therefore, we have focused on those two areas which could be improved to have the environment ‘best choice’ product, rated 5 stars by ‘Earth’!

Better materials, lower environmental impact

Biodegradable and compostable materials. These are the BIO collection characteristics. Why?

On the one hand, extraction and manufacture of compostable materials generate a lower impact than other materials, like those that come from fossil sources.
On the other hand, decomposition process will go much faster and less energy will be needed. Therefore, we reduce the negative effect on the planet.

Positive footprints
and enthusiasm.

Being consistent with our purpose and creating functional and sustainable solutions has led us to win awards like these:

Solutions 2014 Award

It recognizes those products that provide intelligent solutions to day-to-day problems, and that also stand out for their originality and design.

Red Dot Award

These are the most important awards in the world and recognize the quality and innovation of household and professional products.

Local production

Local production to support the country industry.

The effects of producing locally are not only beneficial for society but also for the environment, the carbon footprint of our products is reduced because they travel fewer kilometres.

From Roll’eat we support national industry and proximity products.

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