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Can you place hot meal inside Roll’eat products?2021-05-07T16:49:04+02:00

All products in the BIO collection have materials that withstand temperatures around 60° C.

Normally, heated food is around 60º C, temperatures that do not affect the products.

Can you heat food in the microwave using products from the BIO collection?2021-05-05T17:46:06+02:00

The use of Roll’eat products in the microwave is not recommended as some foods may contain fats and oils that may exceed the resistance temperature of the materials and may therefore damage them.

Can you freeze food with products from the BIO collection?2021-05-05T17:48:23+02:00

Yes, you can put it in the freezer. Roll’eat materials are resistant to low temperatures, some of the materials used resist up to -30 ° C. Normally, the common freezing temperature of the fridge is -18 ° C.

Can you defrost meals with Boc’n’Roll or Snack’n’Go BIO in the microwave?2021-05-05T17:50:19+02:00

It is not recommended to defrost in the microwave because oils and fats from some foods can reach very high temperatures (more than 120°C) so, the meal and Roll’eat product can be damaged.

Do the Bio collection products guarantee that when closed they will be watertight?2021-05-05T17:52:00+02:00

Roll’eat products are adaptable and they can be adjusted to different food sizes. Nonetheless, because Roll’eat products are sewed and they have seams, they are not designed for food containing liquid, since complete water tightness is not guaranteed.

Do Roll’eat BIO products keep the food warm?2021-05-05T17:53:38+02:00

Bio collection is not 100% airtight so the heat is not kept at the end. Although, it can be guaranteed that the food will maintain the heat over a period of time thanks to its properties.

How long can we keep the food in the product?2021-05-05T17:55:45+02:00

The BIO collection is designed to transport and store the food that you take from home, not to storage it. Therefore, we recommend not keeping the food more than 12 hours inside the product.

What is the life span of the product?2021-05-05T17:57:24+02:00

It will depend on the use that is given to the product and the care that is taken with its cleaning, in the same way that it happens with any textile piece. Therefore, if it is used well, it can last up to 6 years.

Can you put BIO collection products in the dishwasher?2021-05-07T17:11:43+02:00

It is not recommended. The outer layer fabric of Roll’eat products can function as a strainer of food debris from other products causing them to be deposited on it and even staining the fabric.

Can you wash the products in the washing machine?2021-05-05T18:03:12+02:00

The BIO collection can be washed in the washing machine, but using programs designed for delicate and synthetic garments, with cold water, with a low spin and using detergents without fragrances or with not very strong fragrances. We can apply cycles of up to 30ºC if the product is very dirty. In any case, and for an even longer life span of the product, it would be better to wipe the layer in contact with food with a damp cloth. And use the washing machine only if the outer layer is dirty.

Can you dry it in the dryer?2021-05-05T18:35:28+02:00

It is not recommended since high temperatures can be reached which could damage the Products structure.

Can you iron the Bio collection?2021-05-05T18:37:38+02:00

It is not recommended. As in previous cases, high temperatures can be reached during ironing which can damage Roll’eat products.

Which materials are used to make Roll’eat products?2021-05-05T17:27:39+02:00

All Roll’eat Bio products are made of 2 main layers: a 100% organic cotton fabric on the outside, and a bio-based biodegradable and compostable film on the inside. The closure, ribbons and labels are also made of 100% organic cotton, and the button is a coconut shell.

What are the certificates that Roll’eat BIO products have?2021-05-05T17:30:14+02:00

We have the Food Grade Certificate, complying with the standards and directives of the European Union Regulation No. 2016/1416 on plastic materials and objects intended to come into contact with food, guaranteeing at all times that people’s health is not at risk.

Likewise, our bio-based film layer complies with the European standard UNE EN 13432 on containers and packaging that can be recovered through composting and biodegradation, and is in possession of the OK Compost Certificate.

Our fabrics, all 100% organic cotton, have the GOTS certificate (Global Organic Textile Standards), which ensure the organic condition of textile products, from the raw material, through a responsible production with the environment and the social environment, until the correct labeling.

Are we sure Roll’eat products are reusable?2021-05-05T17:32:49+02:00

Sure. Both outer layer and the layer in contact with food are resistant materials, and the products are made in a way that also ensures their reuse.

What do I do with BIO collection once their life-cycle ends?2021-05-05T17:35:08+02:00

Our BIO line has been manufactured thinking about using materials that are as sustainable as possible, so that they are all biodegradable and compostable.

Even so, there is no industry in any country that once the life cycle of the product ends can compost all kinds of biodegradable materials (most composting plants treat food waste and biodegradable plastic bags). Knowing that, our decision has been to go one step further and be ready when the recycling industry is ready too.

Therefor once the life cycle of the product is over, we recommend discarding them in the rest container.

So what benefits does this product bring to the industrial process?2021-05-05T17:37:15+02:00

The advantages of this product with respect to plastics and other non-biodegradable products are enormous, two of the main being the following:

– Once in the plant, when decomposing a compostable product like ours, much less heat energy is needed than for a non-compostable product, and the product will assimilate much better and decompose more quickly.

– The extraction and manufacture of a compostable product will consume much less resources and energy.

But let’s not forget something very important: the greatest benefit of the product is that it is reusable, and by using it we are already achieving zero waste compared to the use of single-use plastic containers.

How much food does a product of the BIO collection fit?2021-05-05T17:39:45+02:00

In the Boc’n’Roll you can place up to half a baguette (25 cm) or 4 sandwiches of 10×10 cm. In the Snack’n’Go can put 1 sandwich 10×10 cm or 250 grams of nuts.

Where is the product manufactured?2021-05-05T17:41:46+02:00

The product is manufactured in Spain.

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