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You can find a wide range of gifts for students on the internet. However, gift ideas are limited. This year, why not surprise your students with something they won’t be expecting – but they will use every day!

Roll’eat products make excellent gifts for students. They are useful, educational and convey eco-friendly values that young people have a vested interest in.

Roll’eat manufacture 100% reusable wrappings for snacks and sandwiches. No matter where you go, you can take all types of takeaway foods with you.

The problem with contemporary food wrapping is it creates too much waste. Schools and colleges collect a huge amount of aluminium foil and cling film. Imagine how your campus would look if students use reusable bags.

Our products help to reduce litter. They also eliminate a lot of work for janitors and gardeners. Plus, they instil environmental values in young adults.

One of the issues people urgently need to be aware of is how they can personally take better care of the environment. That’s precisely what Roll’eat bags are for! Our food wrappers enable people to make a difference by creating less waste.

So… why not empower your students by providing them with gifts they can use now for benefit of their future?


One of the issues people urgently need to be aware of is how they can personally take better care of the environment.

One of the issues people urgently need to be aware of is how they can personally take better care of the environment.


Gifts ideas for students: Reusable lunch packaging

Would you like to find gifts for students that can be used every day? If so, our waste-free snack holders, lunch boxes and snack wrappers are ideal. With Roll’eat food wrappers, students can pack food to eat on the go and protect the environment.

Our ecological packaging is very flexible. Because they can carry a wide range of takeaway food, people have more options to vary their diet.

There are several other advantages in using our innovative packaging designs:

  • They’re reusable so keeps waste down to the bare minimum.
  • They help teach both kids and young adults that not everything they use has to be thrown away.
  • They also encourage students to adopt a healthier diet.

Preparing food at home is a lot better for them than buying junk food like chips, sausage rolls and pasties. Packed lunches are also more cost-effective.

You may also be interested to know that our products have the following qualities which make them an ideal gift for students:

  • Sustainable. Our gifts for college do not generate waste. In fact, they replace aluminium foil, transparent film and plastic bags.
  • For everyone. People of all ages can use our products. Everybody eats away from home no matter how old they are.
  • Washable. Our food wrappers can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and reused. You can even put them in the washing machine.

Encouraging students to eat healthily will have a knock-on effect with future generations. When young adults have families of their own, they will pass the values they learned at University down to their own children.


Original gifts ideas for college students

By the time students are in their teens, the gifts for college they receive are always the same; books, pens, pencils, writing pads. Whilst these items are essential for students, they are not original.

Because our ecological wrappers are good for the environment, smart students will cherish them as a gift. What’s more, they will tell their friends. Soon Roll’eat bags, could be the most fashionable item on the University campus!

Roll’eat products also promote environmental values and healthy eating. Is there a better gift you can give a teenager today? Their future rests on the health of the planet.

Roll’eat products encourage young people to create less waste so they use them more often. Once they are in the habit of taking homemade food with them, they naturally eat more healthily.

It’s important for young people to look after their health instead of buying junk food like pizzas, kebabs and pasties.


By teaching students good values, they become better adults. They also develop healthier lifestyles and pass this way of living down to their children.

The original gifts for students you can offer not only help to save waste today, but establish important values for the future.


Do you dare to bring our eco philosophy to the classroom?

If we improve how we educate school children and college students, they will be able to enjoy a healthy planet in the future. Roll’eat is committed to educating young people about sustainable living.

We trust you are too! So feel free to get in touch and tell us your ideas for protecting the environment.

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