Food storage holder


For people missing an alternative to plastic bags and the chance to reduce waste, the options are extremely limited. If they weren’t, anyone could make the shift towards more sustainable habits that protect the planet.

Thanks to our innovative products, consumers have the opportunity to reduce the amount of plastic bags and disposable wrappers they use every day.

What’s more, our food storage holders are the ideal companion for bringing food to work, school or play.

Our products are convenient and facilitate all types of meals on a day-to-day basis without making any harm to the environment. Discover them now!

Roll’eat has a future-proof solution that enables us to overcome the waste problem.

Roll’eat has a future-proof solution that enables us to overcome the waste problem.

Eat’n’Out: Take your food storage with you every time

Our food storage holders are both flexible and foldable, as well as have an inside pocket and a carrying handle for convenience. In other words – they are practical and very easy to carry.

When you fully open your zipper, they double-up as a fantastic tablecloth so people can eat without creating a mess. Once you’ve finished your meal, fasten the zipper again and easily collect the crumbs and spillages from your food.

The easy-to-use design saves time and keeps spills and mishaps with relish to a minimum. Once you get home, simply empty the contents and wipe the holder down with a damp cloth. You can even put it in the washing machine.

Find out now our range of products and choose the design to suit your purposes!

Eat’n’Out packaging is the perfect fit for those who don’t want to carry bulky lunch boxes to work on a daily basis, but still want the best solution to keep their meals fresh.

Extra benefits of our food storage holder

Our products are suitable for all those who support the ‘Zero Waste’ trend. They are ideal for people that actively prevent polluting the environment

Thanks to the products we design at Roll’eat, the plastic consumption and other harmful generation of waste is significantly minimised.

Thanks to an anti-stain coating, our bags also differ from conventional tupperware because they are more hygienic:

  • They are washable so can be used multiple times without producing any waste.
  • Its flexibility and waterproof material is machine washable.
  • Our food storage holder is designed to be completely free from dirt.

Roll’eat promotes healthy eating and our products make it easy to prevent spillages.

We also offer a wide variety of food storage bags to suit your tastes and needs. We are confident our range of innovative products will enable you to find the right selection. We also offer different sizes to cover the needs of all types of people.

Would you like your store to go Zero Waste?

We want to help you commit to a ‘Zero Waste’ philosophy by stocking Roll’eat products in your store or distribution centre. Let us know your questions or needs on the contact form below:


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