Lunch box & snack backpack


A lunch box or snack backpack is the perfect item for people who spend a lot of time away from home. Whether you like to travel or go for walks, picnics and other outdoor activities, you always need something to store your food in.

Today, one of the main concerns in our society is the amount of waste generated by the use of plastic bags, tin foil and other packaging that is not reusable like our long lasting lunch box gifts.

Most food packaging is thrown away and creates untold amounts of waste that is harmful to the environment. That’s why consumers are looking for better alternatives and prefer products that care for the environment.

Nobody wants to walk through a park full of litter, go to the countryside and find hundreds of empty plastic bags, or take a dip in the sea and swim among waste that should not be there.

Roll’eat advocates a sustainable lifestyle and manufacture products that help protect the planet.

Would you like to offer your customers an alternative to the thermal backpack that protects the environment and prevents all the above from happening? Our products are useful and educational for both kids and adults. What’s more, they can be used all year round.

If you want to sell items that help curb the environmental problem, take a look at our catalogue and help improve your life quality.

Go one step further and stock snack backpacks that are both reusable and eco-friendly!

Go one step further and stock snack backpacks that are both reusable and eco-friendly!

The perfect backpack to carry a lunch box for kids

When your customers choose backpacks for snacks and lunch boxes for kids, they can easily take bike rides or on family outings. The benefits of our backpacks and lunch boxes offer are:

  • They are ideal for all types of food.
  • Folds into a napkin to catch spilt food and prevent staining your clothes.
  • Highly transportable.

Our backpacks and lunch boxes are ideal for children to store their favourite snacks and, thanks to its waterproof material, there will be no stains from oil spills or relish mishaps to worry about.

In addition to being reusable and avoiding waste, Roll’eat items are washable.

After using our lunch box for kids, the products can be washed down with a damp cloth, or simply put them in the washing machine.

Why buy an eco-friendly snack backpack?

The behaviour of society needs to evolve towards a more responsible way of consuming food. By doing so, everyday practices lead to a transformative change that results in the sale of more sustainable products.

At present, the amount of waste we generate is a growing problem. The negative effect it has on the environment is a concern for many. It is important for responsible business owners to contribute to the solution as much as possible.

Roll’eat help you to be part of the change and encourages your customers to get involved too – all thanks to our reusable snack backpacks.

Would you like your store to go Zero Waste?

We want to help you commit to a ‘Zero Waste’ philosophy by stocking Roll’eat products in your store or distribution centre. Let us know your questions or needs on the contact form below:


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