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Today’s consumers expect brands to be socially responsible and take positive steps that help protect the environment. Conversely, brands that fail to reduce their carbon footprint risk losing eco-conscious customers.

With our eco sustainable products, Roll’eat provides retailers and distributors with the perfect opportunity to connect with customers, promote your eco-friendly values and raise environmental awareness.

We design a range of organic snack and food holders that replace the disposable materials. Materials that are damaging to the environment.

Many retailers around the globe have already joined us on our journey. By demonstrating the fight to save the planet is worth the effort, we have helped to leverage the customer base of thousands of local retailers in the process.

Not only are our products a commitment to sustainability, they also enable families to make considerable savings on food bags, cling film and tin foil.

Start now to attract customers, promote your brand and increase your bottom line!

Start now to attract customers, promote your brand and increase your bottom line!

Sustainable products examples for packed lunches

Eco-conscious consumers are looking for opportunities to reduce waste, this such an amount they create on a daily basis, so they can help to protect the environment.

Our range of sustainable products are an example of best future-proof solution. What’s more, they help to improve the visibility of local retailers that sell our products, as attract more customers to your store.

Thanks to our innovative products, families have the opportunity to reduce the amount of waste they create by using plastic bags and disposable wrappers every day.

Anyone can make the shift towards more sustainable habits! So… why not give your customers the opportunity?

Roll’eat has a solution that enables people to pack lunches and store food while contributing to the waste problem. Furthermore, our eco sustainable products are suitable for all types of meals.

Sustainable future products shows your commitment

In a crowded marketplace, it can be difficult for retailers to attract regular customers and raise brand awareness. With climate change at the forefront of everybody’s mind, businesses have an opportunity to acquire eco-conscious customers by offering them organic products.

Our organic food wrappers eliminate the need to use tin foil and cling film, as well as significantly reduce the amount of waste created by packaging lunches to work, school and excursions.

We design snack and food holders that replace disposable materials. Those that are damaging to the environment.

Subsequently, we present retailers with promoting opportunities by showing them as eco-responsible members of the community. Not only that, but our bags enable families to make considerable savings (no need to buy cling film or tin foil).

With Roll’eat products, we all have a far more convenient and sustainable option.

If you want to boost sustainability and your business, consider using our sustainable future products!

Would you like your store to go Zero Waste?

We want to help you commit to a ‘Zero Waste’ philosophy by stocking Roll’eat products in your store or distribution centre. Let us know your questions or needs on the contact form below:


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