Eco-friendly business gifts


Business gifts are excellent for nurturing close relationships with suppliers and market agents. Not only that, but with each individual inter-action, we help to contribute towards a waste-free and healthier planet.

Roll’eat creates reusable products that promote and encourage people to change their habits. With a simple gesture, you can project a strong corporate message.

The disposable materials we all use daily to wrap our food are damaging our Mother Nature. We are aware of the irreversible burden on the planet and intend to actively help improve the environment.

At Roll’eat we encourage the discontinuation of harmful materials and intend to replace food wrapping with reusable products that prevent waste.

Support this cause now by offering our sustainable products as business gifts!

As responsible companies, we have the responsibility of echoing this situation and carrying out actions that encourage people to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

As responsible companies, we have the responsibility of echoing this situation and carrying out actions that encourage people to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Roll’eat: Find business gifts ideas with us

In today’s congested marketplace, there are many valid reasons for companies to offer corporate gifts. However, only one will be ‘the option’ that project the corporate values of your company faithfully.

Our products encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle and take responsibility for our planet’s health.

In other words, when you offer sustainable products as business gifts, it demonstrates your brand supports social awareness. If the ‘Zero Waste’ philosophy falls in line with your company values, consider that Roll’eat food carriers are characterized by:

  • Replacing the need for vending machines.
  • Reducing consumption and waste disposal of food wrappers.
  • Promotes homemade food and a healthy-eating diet.
  • Partner with a company with eco-responsible lifestyle as its flagship.
  • Beautiful designs that are suitable for people of all ages.

Our product is highly practical and carries a positive message that differs from typical corporate gifts.

Business gifts that differentiate you from rivals

To stand out from the competition, why not invest in business gifts that are different from the branded merchandise typically offered by companies as a giveaway. With our products, you send a message that has a strong eco-responsible philosophy.

Roll’eat products represent an excellent business gift. As a company, you underscore your willingness to contribute to improving the environment and differentiate yourself from others.

If you want to show customers you really care about their health, show them that you care about the environment they live in. By reducing waste with our eco friendly business gifts, you actively contribute to their wellbeing.

Ready to launch an eco-friendly promotional campaign?

If your company or business wants to boost sustainability, take the step and leave us your suggestions in the form bellow.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a real difference.

Don’t forget asking us for any customisation of your own Roll’eat products!


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