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To raise your business profile as an eco-warrior, applying brand advertising to environmentally-friendly merchandise makes a clear statement of intent.

In today’s eco-conscious age, consumers gravitate towards brands that take active measures to protect the environment.

You can also actively leverage visibility by offering Roll’eat products as advertising gifts. Our reusable food bags promote sustainability and encourage people to adopt healthy eating habits – one stone, two birds.

Not everybody is aware of how much damage is caused to the environment by using disposable bags on a daily basis.

By investing in Roll’eat food bags, businesses can actively engage in social responsibility issues by raising awareness of the waste accumulated using food bags, cling film and tin foil.

Eco-friendly food bags may seem like a simple gesture, but adopting our products as advertising gifts sends out a strong corporate message. This message strengthens your brand image and helps you maintain a presence on the mind’s of consumers.

Roll’eat is a socially responsible company, and we want to team up with other companies that care about the environment.

Together we can help to protect the environment, encourage people to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle and leverage your brand.


Work with us to promote responsible consumption practices, and effectively reduce waste!

Work with us to promote responsible consumption practices, and effectively reduce waste!


Advertising gifts that promote a ‘Zero Waste’ philosophy

With the help of local businesses like yours, we are confident of encouraging consumers to adopt the ‘Zero Waste’ philosophy. The discontinuation of harmful materials prevents damage to the environment.

Replacing traditional food wrappings with organic and reusable products, provides a solution that will significantly reduce the waste that needs transporting to landfills.

Companies can support this worthy and much-needed cause by offering our sustainable products as advertising gifts.

Getting involved in the Roll’eat mission and offering our products offers several benefits:

  • Word-of-mouth benefits: Consumers value companies that care about the environment. By offering our products to your customers, you raise brand awareness through word-of-mouth.
  • Events and relationships opportunities: Adopting a ‘Zero Waste’ philosophy, could present opportunities to get involved in community events and establish relationships with other like-minded businesses.
  • Strong ecological values statement: Positioning your brand name on our eco-friendly products, is a statement of your ecological values.

Roll’eat is on a global mission to encourage people to purchase environmentally friendly food wrapping (rather than cling film, tin foil and food bags which generate waste).


Advertising gifts for events

If your company is attending an event or trade fair, Roll’eat products make excellent advertising gifts that send a positive message about your intention – actively protect the environment.

Because Roll’eat food wrappings are used on a daily basis, your brand is consistently in the mind of recipients.

What’s more, people take packed lunches into the workplace, which means your brand name is in full view of your target audience. In addition, food bags can be used by the entire family.

By investing in environmentally-friendly products, you instill values of social responsibility and make a good impression in younger generations.

Our reusable sandwich bags and snack backpacks raise awareness to protect the environment and, at the same time, encourage families to lead a healthier lifestyle. A lifestyle that develops a mindset that helps to take care of ourselves and the planet.

With more people committed to caring for the environment, businesses have an excellent opportunity to position as an eco-responsible brand and earn the trust of consumers.


Offering our products with your brand logo stamped on them at events, is a prime opportunity for you to capture your target audience.

Consumers expect brands to lead by example. When local and global businesses show a commitment to caring for the environment, it makes a statement that others will follow.

Take the first step today and order advertising gifts for your next event!


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