Sustainable event gifts


Today, it is very common for all types of companies to hold events throughout the year. Whether your event is the launch of a new project or service, celebrating an anniversary or networking, you need to make an impression.

Whenever companies stage an event, you want your guests to take good memories of the day away with them. Event gifts are a good way of aiding memory recall.

Roll’eat products are 100% reusable and contribute to the reduction of toxic waste such as plastic bags, aluminium foil or cling film.

Not only that, but you also position yourself as a brand with positive values. Project a strong environmental commitment from your company!


Roll’eat gives you the opportunity to offer environmentally responsible gifts at your events. Our products include sandwich bags, lunch boxes and snack backpacks.

Roll’eat gives you the opportunity to offer environmentally responsible gifts at your events. Our products include sandwich bags, lunch boxes and snack backpacks.


Event gifts that remind customers about your brand

When an event ends, it’s a good idea to offer gifts that guests can take home or back to the office with them. Whatever gifts you choose, will serve as a reminder of both the day and your brand.

If you want to get the perfect event gift, choose something people will use often and thus serves as a constant reminder of your brand.

When you offer guests Roll’eat products, you will:

  • Give a high-quality gift: All our products are manufactured with durable, high-quality materials that last for years.
  • Project positive values: Brands that champion the Roll’eat philosophy are recognised as having eco-conscious values.
  • Promote an eco-movement: Encourage guests to adopt a ‘Zero Waste’ trend by handing out our food wrappers as event gifts.
  • Makes your brand noticeable and memorable: Original products enable you to stand out and linger in the minds of your guests.

In addition, you can customise our products with your brand logo and hand them out as event gifts.


Do not miss this opportunity. Make a lasting impression after an outstanding event!


Promotional products that make a lasting impression

Many suppliers and business representatives attend various trade fairs and corporate meetings throughout the year. Consequently, they accumulate event gifts that typically end up in a drawer.

Events are an opportunity for your brand to be remembered and associated with strong social responsibility values.

So… why not invest in environmentally-friendly products that can be used on a daily basis? Rather than offering a pen or notebook with your company logo on it, you could offer something that has practical use in the day-to-day life of many people.

At the same time, you can encourage families to adopt healthy habits that are beneficial for themselves and the environment.


With our reusable sandwich bags and snack backpacks, you actively encourage healthy eating habits. And a responsible home-based diet helps to develop a waste-free mindset that will protect the future of the planet.

With more people committed to caring for the environment, by positioning yourself as an eco-responsible brand, you will earn the trust of consumers – which ultimately contributes towards better results for your company.

It is time to leave a mark in your community and ensure a sustainable future!


Ready to launch an eco-friendly promotional campaign?

If your company or business wants to boost sustainability, take the step and leave us your suggestions in the form bellow.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a real difference.

Don’t forget asking us for any customisation of your own Roll’eat products!


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