Custom merchandising for business


Custom merchandising for business


To be visible in the marketplace, you have to battle to capture the attention of consumers. Our offer of custom merchandise for businesses represents a powerful solution.

Today, many people favour companies that treat the planet with respect and take active steps to help improve the environment. Conversely, brands that ignore environmental issues risk losing customers.

One of the key strengths of Roll’eat products is personalised business merchandise.

Our products are an ideal opportunity for you to promote your company as an eco-friendly member of your community.

You can share our value proposition to protect the environment by customising our products with your brand image. It shows you pledge your support to this worthy cause.

Not only is our custom merchandising a commitment to sustainability, but also enables families to make considerable savings on food bags, cling film and tin foil.

Take a look at the food holders we provide! They are sustainable products that replace disposable materials that damage the environment.

Take a look at the food holders we provide! They are sustainable products that replace disposable materials that damage the environment.

Why personalised business merchandise?

Although there are plenty of opportunities to advertise your brand through custom merchandising, few offer personalised business merchandise and raise social awareness at the same time.

Roll’eat has created innovative new designs with the aim of encouraging communities to adopt a ‘Zero Waste’ trend.

It’s important to promote the need to take care of the environment. Our products can also be used as custom merchandise for businesses to raise brand awareness.

When you take the opportunity to invest in personalised business merchandise on Roll’eat products, you support our intention to minimise waste and educate the general public to act responsibly.

Join us and you will:

  • Help to promote homemade lunches and encourage healthier eating habits.
  • Be recognised as an organisation that has strong ethics and social responsibility.
  • Position yourself as a brand that is actively engaged in preserving the planet.
  • Connect with people who support a sustainable lifestyle.

Our food carriers are ideal products for custom merchandising. Offer them as branded promotional gifts to show you are committed to the protection of the environment!

Roll’eat offers custom merchandising products that everyone needs. Not only do we have great designs, our food bags and wrappers contribute to fostering a healthy planet.

Branded promotional gifts with a unique style

At Roll’eat we help companies and institutions to promote business values and connect with other organisations that are committed to sustainability.

When we work to protect the environment together, we will achieve more results. However, you can differentiate your brand from others by offering branded promotional gifts.

By adding a personalized design with your own logo and brand identity on our products, you project a corporate image in a totally authentic way.

Brands that conduct promotions without paying attention to communication can generate negative values such as neglect or lack of consideration for quality. For example, giving away merchandising in the form of pens or notebooks does not represent a way to convey a solid corporate message.

Instead, think about achieving marketing goals with personalised merchandising products that are ecological and improve your local environment.

And, if you want to communicate that your company is a brand concerned about the health of the planet, adopt eco-friendly merchandising gifts.

Differentiate yourself from your rivals by offering personalised business merchandise. Take a look at our catalogue and send us your request!

Ready to launch an eco-friendly promotional campaign?

If your company or business wants to boost sustainability, take the step and leave us your suggestions in the form bellow.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a real difference.

Don’t forget asking us for any customisation of your own Roll’eat products!


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