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For those of you who do not know about it, Biofach is the world’s leading trade fair for organic products, which takes place annually in Nuremberg (Germany). The fair offers a large range of innovative products, from food, spices, beverages, technology… to non-food products, and there we will be! From 17 – 19 February, Roll’eat is exhibiting (online due to the COVID current situation) its project with great desire to continue growing and doing our bit for a more sustainable consumption.

More than a fair…

Biofach is the meeting point where being organic is more than a label or a certificate, here products stand out for their truly care for the environment and its resources efficiency.  Furthermore, it is the perfect opportunity to discover sustainable, innovative products, share ideas, experiences and get inspired with by the sector’s latest trends. All in all, it is a place that since 1990 goes on and on.

Bio collection in Biofach.

To join the fair, complying with the organic products regulation was an essential requirement, and… from Roll’eat we know how doing it! The Bio collection stands out for its origin both in materials and in production considering that its materials are 100% biodegradable and produced in Spain.

With this product line, we reduce the negative impact on Earth: on the one hand, extraction and manufacture of compost materials generate a lower impact than other materials, like those that come from fossil sources.
On the other hand, the decomposition process will go much faster and less energy will be needed.

Year after year, our products have shaped the consumption habits of many people. And now, we are glad to be at the world’s leading par excellence organic fair.

Why are we participating?

Biofach is the “Place to be” of the international organic sector, and that is why Roll’eat needed to be there.

The perfect annual opportunity for professionals on the organic market, but… Why do we want to exhibit at the fair? Because, we can directly meet more than 140 sector’s professionals, WOW! And, in addition, we will have the opportunity to discover new markets. We want to discuss, get inspired and get to know a lot of people.

We take advantage of the multiple functionalities that the online platform offers us. We can exchange ideas via chat, videos and video calls. Quite a networking that offers sophisticated matchmaking functions and helps interested parties find the right exhibitors and vice versa.


Discover new markets and trends.

The platform includes presentations and lectures on various themes, congress events, data, and market trends on the international organic market, not only for the food sector but also for the non-food one. Moreover, they also include packaging information and more.

Get inspired.

Biofach will be our inspiration. In 2021, a digital alternative to standard New Product Stand will also be available on-line; a live show will present the new products, sounds good, right?  And what is more! The BEST innovative, inspiring and interesting product will win the Best New Product Award.

Moreover, Start-ups can present themselves in 10 minutes to the rest of the exhibitors. That is a ‘full pack’ exhibition!

Meet appealing people.

The fair will also allow us to meet interesting people form associations, NGOs, politicians or public figures.

Without a doubt, for us exhibiting at Biofach is a luxury. First of all, we will grow personally and professionally. Secondly, it is a huge opportunity to grow as a brand. This fair is a place only for professionals, to maintain its world prestige and its leadership as the Best Organic Trade Show in the world. From Roll’eat we ready to give our best and WE WILL!

We will keep sharing our positive footprint.

Digital greetings!

We are in Biofach


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