Hey! We have been 15 years creating awareness and generating positive impact. Sustainability, reducing waste “ZERO WASTE”, being eco and natural have been in our DNA since 2006 when it all started.

How it all started?

2006, a dreadful drought was threatening Spain. Meritxell Hernandez, Roll’eat founder and CEO, received a leaflet from the Regional Government with some tips to save water and front the drought. That was the aha moment that turned her life upside down. The tips were useful, but what if an actual device could be created to help people save water while using it?

“We wanted to create a device that helped actively save water and we came up with a volumetric reducer for the WC which saved 1,5 litres of water every time that the tank was flushed.”– Meritxell, Roll’eat CEO.

And that was it! The first conscious product with a real impact on the Planet was designed and distributed to public institutions. The first year, more than 1 million units were distributed to institutions which at the same time customized the product with tips, logos, etc. That was the beginning of everything, the real motor that brought Roll’eat to live.

But, that was not all…We realized that the environment was threatened daily by many problems and so we decided to focus in one: Waste and more precisely waste in schools.

Market pioneers. Boc’n’Roll birth.

Born as an alternative solution to help schools reduce the amounts of waste produced, the reusable sandwich wrap, the Boc’n’Roll came up. It was essentially a reinvention of traditional cloth wrappers used by grandparents but, completely adapted to the 21st century. The Boc’n’Roll was the first product of a broad line of products designed and launched uniquely with the aim to reduce waste and diminish consumers’ carbon footprint.

15 years of evolution, research and innovation is what brings Roll’eat here today. Thanks to the sustainable, functional, and original products and designs, we are well-established around the world, being present in more than 25 countries in Europe, Asia and America. But that is not all! We want to keep crossing borders and be present all around. And that is why… We will soon be in EEUU!

Roll’eat essence is in Barcelona where a team of eight people work every day to extend Roll’eat philosophy into all aspects of daily life. But Roll’eat family is much bigger and built by partners across multiple countries that also spread sustainable and healthy values.

And here we are reducing waste!

Roll’eat has not only commercialised the Boc’n’Roll but has also created successive products and we have now four main product categories, including the Boc’n’Roll. The Snack’n’Go which is the snack bag perfectly sized for a sandwich or snack. The Eat’n’Out mini which is a lunch bag that when completely unzipped becomes a placemat. And last but not least, the Grab’n’Go- the Smart Bag which has recently become part of the family and is the solution that helps keep dry items separated from liquids in the bag or backpack, the airtight bag.


Customization has always been an important part of the company.

“Being the first ones in this niche market was also nourishing as we get the chance to closely work hand in hand with public institutions and schools which started using our products as a tool for environmental campaigns that promoted awareness among the population. We allowed them to customize the products so that their message could be spread.”– Meritxell, Roll’eat CEO.

In fact, customization was one of the pillars on which Roll’eat was built and it is, today, one of the company main business lines, together with retail. Sustainability, design, utility, and functionality are aspects that Roll’eat users value about the products. But customization was the key to widen the market and approach potential clients which were sensitive to buy eco, sustainable products, like schools, public institutions but also, private corporations.

reducing waste

Our mission

Our main objective is to lead the change to reusable food-wraps to contribute to make a healthier planet and to promote a wiser and sustainable consumption to contribute reducing waste. And that is why, we work every day and focus all the resources to research, development, and innovation.

Roll’eat is here to stay, to go beyond borders and…to celebrate more birthdays together 🎂!

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