The race will take place at the Lltoja de Pescadors (the old fish market) of Tarragona. The enrollment was closed on December the 24th. In total, 2017 participants registered, which was a great success. Year after year, people are more aware of having a healthier life by taking part in these activities.

12 CX Cursa Sant Silvestre Tarragona

It’s also a charity race, uniting sport and solidarity for a good cause. The club of Tarragona’s endurance runners, who organized the event, actively collaborated with the Bona Nitt Foundation. This foundation provides shelter and humanitarian assistance to people without a home in Tarragona. Apart from sleeping, personal hygiene, laundry and luggage services, another important assistance provided by the foundation for the homeless is a place to have a meal.

The philosophy of Roll’eat is to promote, with our reusable food bags and wrappers, a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and intelligent consumption.

In these kinds of events, a lot of waste is generated. The reusable sandwich wrap Boc’n’Roll and the environmental friendly snack bag Snack’n’Go provide a great solution to minimize the use of disposable packaging. In this way, we try to educate people as much as possible to take care about the environment by using sustainable products in their daily lives.

We believe that the values which a race like this conveys are very consistent with our own goals. That’s why it’s very important for us to be part of this event.

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There is no better way to end 2015 with an event like this!

Happy New Year!


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