Eating outdoors is an enjoyable activity which is always different, which lets you enjoy more while being in a pleasant environment in which the food has a different flavor. You can choose to do it in a field, on the beach or in the mountains. But do not forget these 5 tricks which will make sure your picnic will always turn out as you’d expect.

Organize your food

Separate raw food from cooked products to avoid cross contamination. Some foods need to stay cold for the picnic. You can cool these dishes in the fridge overnight and then carry them in a cooler or cooling bag when you leave.

Remember to wash vegetables and raw food at home before taking them with you. If you’re planning to prepare a salad, avoid using mayonnaise or egg.

Refrigerated food

Ice cubes keeps your food cool, but they do not keep your food chilled the whole day. It’s better to avoid using them, since they are not the best option to ensure the quality of items that accompany them. It is advisable to bring your food separately and in a tightly sealed and thermal bag, so that it wouldn’t get contaminated.

How to carry your food?

If you’re taking snack, sandwiches or homemade dishes, do not hesitate to use Roll’eat products to maintain their nutritional qualities and allow you to transport them comfortably and safely. Store the products that need to be kept cold in the coolest part of the car. When you arrive, get these chilled foods out of the car as fast as possible and keep them in the shade, so they do not overheat and spoil your day. If you do decide on taking ice to put in your drink, make sure the travel distance isn’t too long, so they wouldn’t melt too early.

Do you want to do a barbeque?

First of all you’ll have to choose a suitable area for the barbeque, since it’s forbidden to make a fire without authorization. Remember to use a grill barbeque and not one which uses a flaming fire, with which you can easily burn your food (with gives the risk of the carcinogenic PAH). Once your food is ready, you shouldn’t put them on the same plate as the raw food was.

Picking up afterwards

After dessert, dinner and possibly a nap, it’s the moment to get ready to leave. Last but not least, we want to make sure that we’re able to return and enjoy the surroundings another time. That’s why we need to pick up everything we took with us. Do not leave any trash behind and totally extinguish the fire that you made.

Follow these tips and you won’t have a cookout which will not be a success. Now you only have to decide what to wear, where to go and… to enjoy the summer!


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