Reusable Food Bag

Pack any food you want on the go

The Grab’n’Go is washable and reusable, so you can eliminate unnecessary waste by not having to throw away small food bags every time you eat out.

Traditional plastic lunch bags are not good for Mother Nature. The Grab’n’Go reusable food bag is a groundbreaking solution that enables you to eat anything you want, when you want.

Manufactured with a washable inner-lining, the versatile material of this bag is heat-resistant, waterproof and does not stain when exposed to oil.

With our non-disposable hot food bags, we can all make a conscious effort to protect the planet and reduce the amount of waste caused by plastic bags, cling film and tin foil.

What’s more, our handy-sized bags can hold 2,5l of liquid, so fits easily in your rucksack or bag.
You can also carry it with the handle. For stylish people on-the-go, our stylish designs are on-trend!

By minimising waste, you can help to eliminate the amount of pollution in your community.

By minimising waste, you can help to eliminate the amount of pollution in your community.

Grab’n’Go Whales

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Grab’n’Go Unicorn

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Grab’n’Go Panda

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Grab’n’Go Leafs

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Grab’n’Go Pineapple

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Grab’n’Go Pastel

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Grab’n’Go: Versatile and reusable hot food bags

We appreciate people with busy lifestyles who do not always have the time to prepare a packed lunch from home. However, fast-food and snacks from shops are not good for your health or the health of the environment.

Roll’eat promotes healthy eating and wants to help you be able to make homemade food you can take with you to work, rest or play.

Our reusable food bags are designed to support all kinds of meals, so you can enjoy a varied diet. What’s more, the heat-resistant and retention material means our food warmer bags are ideal for not just cold snacks, but also hot meals.

When you take responsibility for what you eat and lead a healthy lifestyle, you feel better, enhance your performance and look great.

Slide Food grade and heat-resistant material.
Withstands temperatures of up to
250-degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal for take away
soups and cooked food.
Slide Highly versatile.
Our food bags are waterproof, oil-proof and
heat-resistant so you can eat anything you
like on the go.
Slide Secure and stable.
A strong handle enables you to easily
carry your food, and when you need
to go hands-free, the sturdy base will
balance even when filled with liquid.
Slide High durability.
A pull-out inner layer is easy to clean with a
wet or dry cloth. Fitted with a waterproof
lining, the material dries easily and extends
Slide Light and flexible.
The Grab’n’Go is manufactured with a
practical design that enables you to eat any
food you like (no matter where you’re going).
And with a 2.5l capacity, these small food
warmer bags still have plenty of room to pack
in your snacks.

Check out our range of reusable bags now and select the design that best suits you!

Check out our range of reusable bags now and select the design that best suits you!

Small food
warmer bags

Grab’n’Go hot food bags keep your food warm and are much more convenient to carry than a bulky flask. Made from robust and lightweight materials, our small food bags are flexible, fold easily and only weigh 50g.

Fitted with a circled base, the sturdy bags can stand on a flat surface by itself without toppling over (even when it’s filled with liquid). Eating soup in the park has never been so easy!

The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) inner-lining is leak-proof, BPA and plasticiser free. Manufactured with food-grade materials that have been approved by governments, the Grab’n’Go enables you to enjoy your favourite home-cooked meals.

Our reusable food bags help to promote a sustainable future, as well as to observe a ‘Zero Waste’ trend on the go!

Choose your favourite bag and reduce waste whatever you eat and wherever you go.

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