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While using their Boc’n’Roll every day, people will see your brand, reminding them your product can be used too.


Reduces 99.8%
your footprint

Boc’n’Roll emits 99.8% less CO2 than aluminum foil. Show your audience that you do care and want to move towards a healthier planet.


Long lasting & reusable

It gives your audience repeated exposure to your brand, helping them remember your company over your daily activities and over time.



Boc’n’Roll promotes the habit to prepare home-made meals to take while hiking, working, exercising…


Blah blah

Original and unique product, drawing more attention to your campaign, making people talk about it and spread the message.

Roll’eat, an innovative and customer oriented young company based in Barcelona, is the right partner for your exclusive company promotional activity that you have in mind. Let us guide you through all our range of products, a passionate and motivated team willing to provide you the key to an efficient and innovative branding investment!

We love your brand

Food & Beverage Co.

It’s not just what you eat,
but how and where you eat it.

Health companies

“Mens sana
in corpore sano”

CSR Initiatives

Reduce the
environmental impact


Think global,
act local.

Food & Beverage Companies


“It’s not just what you eat, but how you eat it. Boc’n’Roll gives you the opportunity to promote your food product among your target while having daily brand visibility when your product is supposed to be used! Don’t miss it!”

Roll'eat is a family business who make things happen! Not only great products but also great people. A small team can make a big difference! Sjoerd van der Helm - Made Sustained (The Netherlands)

Health Companies


“Mens sana in corpore sano” Boc’n’Roll gives you the opportunity to promote a healthier lifestyle among your customers! Make sure your brand’s core values stand out & make it happen together with our Boc’n’Roll!

What a great way to give brand visibility to your business, and to show you do care! Sofia CatarinoPegada Verde (Portugal)

CSR Initiatives


You are just 1 click away from being a successful company and becoming an industry leader! Boc’n’Roll could become a central player for your next strategy, conceived and developed to reduce the environmental impact of your company. It’s not only what you say, but what you actually do!

An excellent, direct and friendly treatment without excessive formalities. A very professional, fast and decisive team. They succeeded in record time to deliver 8.200 Boc’n’Roll units of excellent quality. A very original and practical idea. A pleasure to work with people and professionals like Roll’eat team. Eva Romero – Ferrovial, Airbus Group (Spain)

Environmental initiatives


Think global, act local. Is your company or organization actively working to reduce waste & the environmental footprint? Boc’n’Roll will raise awareness among your community, your educational center or institution. Let’s join forces and make a difference towards a healthier planet!

To highlight the effectiveness, management, kindness and fast procedure that Roll’eat team always provides to us. Thousands of people in Malaga enjoy your products. Sonia Cano – Emasa (Spain)

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