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We help all kind of corporations committed to sustainability to raise awareness, educate and differentiate themselves through reusable and innovative products. These products allow the companies to clearly communicate their message and values, and to impact more people.

Are you a company?

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Are you a company committed to sustainability?

We help to differentiate yourself from the competitors with sustainable products that own a message and have a good return on investment.

    • Action

      Leerdammer is one of the main brands of the Bel Group and in Germany, with more than 16 million consumers, is the number 1 cheese brand.

      Which action was taken?

      Promotion at the point of sale of big supermarkets, with a counter and a hostess for tasting the product and the presentation of the promotion with Boc’n’Roll. The action was carried out in Italy.

    • Result

      Successful action, very shared in social media, with great dissemination of videos made by the brand.

    • Testimonials

      Great material, perfect for our Panino’s campaign. Boc’n’Roll is now the best Panino wrapper for Leerdammer consumers!

      Riccardo Gatti – Leerdammer, BEL Group (Italy)

    • Action

      Premium Café Operator in Asia offering unique French lifestyle environment, serving quality, fresh and healthy food with authentic French recipes.

      Which action was taken?

      July 4th, 2016. Launch of the initiative Go Green with Delifrance. People registering as a new member of Delifrance club received a Boc’n’Roll and by the action BYOW (Bring your own Wrap) the consumer received a complimentary pastry each time.

    • Result

      By conducting this action Delifrance was trying to reduce the use of single use wraps in their bakeries and people started to bring back their own wrap helping to aim waste reduction in their facilities.

    • Testimonials

      “The Eco products are great tools to inspire and educate our customers to reduce waste like plastic or paper bags on a daily measure”

      Frances Chan – General Manager Hong Kong

Are you a public institution or school committed to the environment?

We help you to raise awareness and to educate through reusable and innovative products that will allow you to pass on the sustainability values and impact on a big amount of citizens.

    • Action

      The initiative “More Sustainable Schools” promoted by the Barcelona City Council was created to encourage sustainability from an educational point of view and with the support of schools. At the same time, it was aimed to reach healthier food habits.

      Which action was taken?

      The campaign of “Reusable wrappers” works on the above mentioned issue and the way to reduce waste during a school year. The prevention plan consists of making an initial diagnosis of the type and weight of food wrappers generated by a group of students, introducing measures and actions to change the situation, in this case by using Boc’n’Roll, and then re-make a second diagnosis and assessing the success of the plan.

    • Result

      For the 5 years the project is working, 160 schools and about 27.000 students have already participated. More than 31.500 reusable sandwich wraps of Boc’n’Rolls have been given.

      Thanks to this product, 1.408 Kg of waste has been reduced and the use of throw-away wrappers has reduced from 75% to 45%.

    • Action

      Which action was taken?

      Boc’n’Roll has been distributed through different schools in the region, coinciding with the school year ending. An example would be the town of Blanes: In there, schools organized a collection of single use containers at home and then there was an event where theBoc’n’Roll was given in exchange of those containers and for all the support of the students.

    • Result

      All schools that have received a Boc’n ‘Roll have previously been involved in some activity in favor of the environment, such as environmental medium workshops, separation of waste, gardens in schools, etc.

What you will get in return after working with Roll’eat?

Your logo or brand will permanently be present in the daily habits of your consumers: preparing the food, breakfast or snacks and also right at the moment of eating the food.

You will encourage a sustainable lifestyle since Roll’eat promotes the habit of eating healthy and homemade food.

They will link you with values such as sustainability, because with Roll’eat your audience will reduce their environmental footprint (Boc’n’Roll emits 99.8% less CO2 than aluminum foil).

People will talk about your campaign and the message will be spread around, since the products are different and unique.

What do they talk about us?

  • Sofia Catarino – Pegada Verde (Portugal)

    What a great way to show off your brand and your business and prove that you care!

  • Sjoerd van der Helm – Made Sustained (Holland)

    Roll’eat is a family business who make things happen! Not only great products but also great people. A small team can make a big difference!

  • Riccardo Gatti - Leerdammer, BEL Group (Italy)

    Great material, perfect for our Panino’s campaign. Boc’n’Roll is now the best Panino wrapper for Leerdammer consumers!

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